Do you offer web hosting with PHP4 or PHP5?

PHP4 has reached an "end of life" status with the developers and as such Total Server Solutions is also phasing out our PHP/MySQL 4 servers. We will continue to keep PHP/MySQL 4 servers until summer 2008, at which point the accounts will be migrated to newer servers.

If you are currently on a php4 machine, you may request the move to php5/mysql5 at any time.

All new signups since January 2008 are being placed on PHP/MySQL 5 systems. Both PHP & MySQL operate version 5 system software. If the software you install on your website requries PHP/MySQL 4, please open a support ticket with us after you placed your order so we can move you to an appropriate machine.

Some web software still requires PHP & MySQL Version 4, so you will need to check your software requirements before placing the order.

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