How to change the Timezone or date.timezone in PHP

The servers at Hands-on Web Hosting are set with the timezone of Central Time, however it might be necessary that you want to change the timezone for your website or store.  Most online store software allow you to change the timezone within their software and that's usually good enough, however some older software require you to manually edit the php.ini and change the time zone from in there.  Here's the steps to do this at Hands-on Web Hosting;

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Go to the "1H Software" section
  3. Click on the "PHP Variables Manager"
  4. Choose the folder you with to apply the settings to, or click "public_html" to apply to all files/folders in your site
  5. Add the variable "date.timezone"
  6. Enter the appropraite timezone from the list at
That's it.  once you're done, just exit out and test your file, and you should be up and working with the new timezone.
If you have any problems with the implementation, please contact our suport staff at and we'll be happy to assit you.


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