How to increase file upload size in php.

From time to time we get a request about increasing the PHP file upload limit.  The system is set to allow a maximum of 2MB to upload through a browser, but some scripts (especially CMS scripts) are requiring users to increase the upload sizes directly in a custom php.ini file rather than through a normal FTP upload.


Just create a file called "php.ini" on your computer and put the following two lines in the file and then upload to your public_html folder:

upload_max_filesize = 10M
post_max_size = 20M


This will increase the file size from the default 2MB to 10MB.  Note that the "post_max_size" should be DOUBLE whatever the maximum upload size you want to allow.

If you require IonCube to also run on your site, you must add the the settings for IonCube at the BOTTOM of the php.ini file also.  You can read more about the IonCube settings here

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